• Soma overdose


Soma is available in 250mg, 350mg and 500mg doses. The dose will be determined by your healthcare provider according to your current health condition, symptoms and age. You should always take the dosages with a glass of water. A patient can consume the medicine with or even without food. It should be noted that eating may delay the overall effects of this medication. The recommended potencies should be taken three to four times in a day, especially at bedtime. The maximum duration of Soma dosage should not exceed three weeks. Long term use without getting approval from a physician will lead to occurrence of adverse effects, withdrawal and tolerance.

To prevent addiction and occurrence of negative effects, every patient should take the dosages as instructed by their medical care expert. Do not use the medicine more often or for extended period than prescribed. Also, reducing or increasing the amount of doses on your own should not be done, as this would cause undesirable effects. The danger of harmful effects will increase and your health condition will not improve faster if you decide your doses without doctor’s permission. The drug might cause withdrawal reactions, particularly if it has been consumed in high doses or for an extensive time.


If an individual has overdosed, they may experience serious symptoms like trouble breathing or passing out. In case of an overdose, it is important to contact poison control center without wasting any time. Do not share Soma muscle relaxer medicine with others without physician’s approval. Sharing it is actually against the law. The medication will be prescribed to you depending upon your current condition only. Don’t consume it afterwards for another condition or disease unless advised by your general practitioner.

Over-dosage commonly produces muscular incoordination, euphoria, mydriasis, blurred vision, nystagmus, dystonic reactions, hallucinations, delirium, seizures, hypotension, respiratory depression, headache, rigidity, coma, central nervous system depression, and even death. Moreover, serotonin syndrome has also been reported with Soma intoxication. Several overdoses have happened in setting of multiple medicine overdoses.

Life support measures must be instituted as recommended by clinical presentation of pain o Soma overdose. Vomiting must not be induced due to the risk of respiratory and CNS depression, and concomitant aspiration. Furthermore, circulatory support must be administered with vasopressor agents and volume infusion if required. Seizures must be dealt with intravenous benzodiazepines. In addition, reoccurrence of seizures might be controlled with Phenobarbital.

Soma overdose symptoms may occur in anyone in anyone who takes too much of this drug.

Soma overdose symptoms may occur in anyone who takes too much of this drug including person who have legitimate prescription of the drug. However, an overdose is more likely in individuals, who abuse Soma drugs, including those individuals who take large doses at once or who take it more frequently than prescribed.

Use and Abuse of Soma:

Soma is brand name for the generic medicine Carisoprodol. This drug is prescribed as a muscle relaxant for people who have muscle injuries or chronic muscle pain as well as spasms and it is intended to be useful in conjunction with the physical therapy as well as rest to allow the muscle time to heal. Soma causes giddiness, sleepiness, and feelings of relaxation while some people use it illicitly to get such effects. Few people who use Soma pills become addicted to it.

The people who are addicted to soma require more and more of it to get same effect as they get it from initial use. They might also experience withdrawal symptoms and craving for the pill when you stop using it. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommend patients to take soma for two to three weeks at a time in order to prevent drug interaction.

Both the legitimate abusers and users might experience Soma overdose symptoms if they take more of this pill than the body can handle.

Typical Signs of Overdose:

Few of the overdose symptoms can vary among different users but the symptoms and signs you should look out for are:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Hallucinations
  • Mental Confusion
  • Coma
  • Fainting
  • Light Headedness
  • Convulsions
  • Vision Problems
  • Shallow Breathing

The Soma side effects from soma usage typically include dizziness, excessive sleepiness and it may occur in conjunction with the symptoms of Soma Overdose. To differentiate between the soma overdose and soma side effects may be some times be a matter of degree. A soma overdose might be fatal. Over two million individuals in the U.S. over the age of twelve have used soma for non-medical purposes at least once in the lives according to National Survey on Drug Use and Health.