soma abuse

Soma Abuse : Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Soma Medicine For Treatment of Musculoskeletal Condition

Soma, the brand name for carisoprodol, is a muscle relaxant prescribed for the treatment of spasms, muscle pain and related discomfort. It is frequently abused for the sedative effects it has on the patient. However, this medication’s addictive properties are recognized as more significant. Soma medication is highly effective in the treatment of skeletal muscle condition.

The primary metabolite in this medication is meprobamate that can make you habitual, like benzodiazepine drugs.

Soma Abuse

It is a false notion that that the medications which have been legally prescribed do not have hazardous effects as street medications have, and thus ingest higher doses without any fear. Addiction to the drug starts with the proper recommended dose turned into dependency with the body developing a tolerance to the medication. Thus, it needs higher amount of doses to get the same desired effect. Soma is also no exception to this.

Soma pills have euphoric, sedative effects that people addicted to it frequently seek. It exacerbates the effects of other medications such as xanax and when ingested together becomes dangerous and addictive.

This medication when ingested in high amounts, can lead to multiple side effects. Symptoms of this abuse include: flushed skin, feeling irritable upon withdrawal, retarded physical coordination, feeling of euphoria or showing as if drunk, seizures, sleep problems, fainting and lightheadedness, accelerated heart rate.

What are the Effects of Soma Abuse?

The mental as well as social impact of the drug abuse is quite similar to that of the other medications.  Long-term abuse of this medication often leads to:

  • Irritability and agitation
  • Depression
  • Fixing regular appointments with the doctors in order to get tablets
  • Stay aloof from social activities and friends
  • Lack of concentration and clarity of thought
  • Sleep problems

Soma Abuse Treatment

If you want to come out of the soma drug abuse and addiction, you can seek treatment for the same. The below mentioned mode of treatment can bring you back on the path to a healthy and contented life:

Outpatient treatment – In this, you do not get an immersive environment but you can stay at home and carry on with the work during recovery process.

Inpatient treatment – In this, you get a supervised and immersive environment for recovery

SMART recovery – Here, a particular 4-point model is employed to bring your life back on track

12-step programs – These programs provide a supportive network as well as a delineated path to sobriety


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