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Soma Medication to Treat Muscle Injuries

What is Soma?

Soma is a muscle relaxant recommended after an injury makes the muscles either tense or locked up. The generic name of the soma medication is carisoprodol and it may be available as a tablet compounded with codeine, aspirin or caffeine. It is also known to create drug tolerance in the user, implying that higher doses of this drug are given to get the desired result.

Soma Drug Abuse:

It is a frequently abused drug. As a result, it can also lead to addiction. According to the statistics, over two million people in the United States have abused this medication at some point in their life. Abuse of this drug causes sleepiness, pain relief, sedation and also muscle relaxation. Soma pills disintegrate partly in your system to for meprobamate, a carisoprodol metabolite and a drug in itself for reducing the symptoms of anxiety. The trade names under which meprobamate is available in the market are Equanil and Miltown.

In the past ten years, the abuse of this medication has increased to such an extent that over thirty thousand individuals landed in emergency rooms by the year 2009. It is frequently abused in along with other medications, especially Xanax (alprazolam) and Vicodin (hydrocodone). The ingestion of these drugs together is called the “holy trinity” or “Houston cocktail”.

It has also been reported that this medication may be abused with codeine that is commonly known as soma coma.  It may be taken together with valium, alcohol or heroin. Eighteen percent of the thirty thousand individuals who were sent to the emergency room had taken soma alone, one-third of them ingested two other medications and 25 percent took two medications. One out of eight individuals had taken either four or more than four medications. This drug abuse practice implies that medical practitioners will face a tough time in effectively managing these signs to save someone’s life.

Results of soma drug abuse:

When this medication is ingested in high dosages, as in the case of drug abuse, there are chances of the occurrence of multiple undesirable side effects. These include: blurred vision, tightness, and weakness in the chest, lightheadedness, and lack of coordination. This fast-acting medication can be addictive and lead to death also through its overdose.  The common symptoms of soma overdose include: racing heartbeat, suppressed breathing and sedation, chills, vomiting resulting in coma, shock, and death. Order soma Online to get instant relief from muscle related injury and discomfort.

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