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Soma Pills for Treating Muscle Pain

How to avoid soma side effects?

This drug should be ingested in the exact manner as recommended by the qualified medical practitioner. To prevent the symptoms of serious side effects from showing up, do not take it in higher amounts than prescribed or for a longer time period and in deceased time intervals. Soma pills are very effective in treating muscle injury and spasms.

Some severe side effects of this medication include fever, burning sensation in the eyes, problem in breathing and weakness. If any these symptoms surface, do not waste time and get in touch with the medical practitioner immediately. If ingested in very big amounts, this medication may cause an overdose of meprobamate that can lead to coma.

If you ingest it for a long period of time, it is possible that you might develop tolerance to this medication. Hence, you may experience moderate withdrawal reactions that can continue for two to four days post ingestion of the last dose.

Soma stays in your system for how long:

On sudden discontinuation of this medication after taking it for a considerably long duration,   it is possible for you to experience moderate withdrawal reactions 12 to 48 hours post taking the last soma dosage. These symptoms can be visible for the next 12 to 48 hours. Meprobamate as well as carisoprodol is detectable either on a screen for prescription or over-the-counter medications in urine and blood. This may also be done in incidents of a suspected overdose. In case you are ingesting a combination drug that also contains codeine, it will be detected.

Clinical pharmacology of Soma:

It has been seen in the clinical trials that the relaxation in muscles brought about by carisoprodol, a centrally acting muscle relaxant, is linked with changes in the interneuronal activity in the spinal cord and also in the falling reticular formation of the brain. Carisoprodol does not directly relax the skeletal muscles. Its metabolite, meprobamate, comes with sedative and anxiolytic properties. The average time for carisoprodol concentrations to yield maximum therapeutic results is between 1.5 to 2 hours.

This medication may be taken either with food or without food as co-administration of a meal with soma 350 mg pill had absolutely no effect on the carisoprodol pharmacokinetics.

The main pathway of carisoprodol metabolism is through the liver by CYP2C19, the cytochrome enzyme, to form meprobamate. This enzyme shows genetic polymorphism. The half-life of this carisoprodol metabolite is around ten hours.

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